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    产品编号 CFN99775
    CAS编号 87701-68-6
    分子式 = 分子量 C15H26O2 = 238.37
    产品纯度 >=98%
    物理属性 Oil
    化合物类型 Sesquiterpenoids
    植物来源 The tubers of Alisma plantago-aquatica.
    产品名称 产品编号 CAS编号 包装 QQ客服
    环氧泽泻烯 CFN99775 87701-68-6 10mg QQ客服:1457312923
    环氧泽泻烯 CFN99775 87701-68-6 20mg QQ客服:1457312923
    环氧泽泻烯 CFN99775 87701-68-6 50mg QQ客服:1457312923
    环氧泽泻烯 CFN99775 87701-68-6 100mg QQ客服:1457312923
    1. 在您收到产品后请检查产品。如无问题,请将产品存入冰霜并且样品瓶保持密封,产品可以存放长达24个月(2-8摄氏度)。

    2. 只要有可能,产品溶解后,您应该在同一天应用于您的实验。 但是,如果您需要提前做预实验,或者需要全部溶解,我们建议您将溶液以等分试样的形式存放在-20℃的密封小瓶中。 通常,这些可用于长达两周。 使用前,打开样品瓶前,我们建议您将产品平衡至室温至少1小时。

    3. 需要更多关于溶解度,使用和处理的建议? 请发送电子邮件至
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  • 生物活性
    Description: Alismoxide shows an inhibitory effect on the contraction of isolated bladder smooth muscle induced by carbachol; it demonstrates cytostatic action in HeLa cells, revealing potential use in virostatic cocktails. Alismoxide has inhibitory effects on vascular contraction induced by high concentration of KCl; it also shows an inhibitory effect on the direct passive Arthus reaction (DPAR) in rats in the type III allergic model.
    Targets: NO
    In vitro:
    Mar Drugs. 2013 Dec 10;11(12):4917-36.
    Cytotoxic, cytostatic and HIV-1 PR inhibitory activities of the soft coral Litophyton arboreum.[Pubmed: 24336129]
    Bioassay-guided fractionation using different chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques in the analysis of the Red Sea soft coral Litophyton arboreum led to the isolation of nine compounds; sarcophytol M (1), alismol (2), 24-methylcholesta-5,24(28)-diene-3β-ol (3), 10-O-methyl alismoxide (4), alismoxide (5), (S)-chimyl alcohol (6), 7β-acetoxy-24-methylcholesta-5-24(28)-diene-3,19-diol (7), erythro-N-dodecanoyl-docosasphinga-(4E,8E)-dienine (8), and 24-methylcholesta-5,24 (28)-diene-3β,7β,19-triol (9).
    Some of the isolated compounds demonstrated potent cytotoxic- and/or cytostatic activity against HeLa and U937 cancer cell lines and inhibitory activity against HIV-1 protease (PR). Compound 7 was strongly cytotoxic against HeLa cells (CC₅₀ 4.3 ± 0.75 µM), with selectivity index of SI 8.1, which was confirmed by real time cell electronic sensing (RT-CES). Compounds 2, 7, and 8 showed strong inhibitory activity against HIV-1 PR at IC₅₀s of 7.20 ± 0.7, 4.85 ± 0.18, and 4.80 ± 0.92 µM respectively. In silico docking of most compounds presented comparable scores to that of acetyl pepstatin, a known HIV-1 PR inhibitor. Interestingly, compound 8 showed potent HIV-1 PR inhibitory activity in the absence of cytotoxicity against the cell lines used. In addition, compounds 2 and 5 demonstrated cytostatic action in HeLa cells, revealing potential use in virostatic cocktails.
    Taken together, data presented here suggest Litophyton arboreum to contain promising compounds for further investigation against the diseases mentioned.
    In vivo:
    Biol Pharm Bull. 1997 May;20(5):511-6.
    Studies on Alismatis rhizoma. I. Anti-allergic effects of methanol extract and six terpene components from Alismatis rhizoma (dried rhizome of Alisma orientale).[Pubmed: 9178931]
    Methanol and aqueous extracts (TMe-ext and TAq-ext) from dried rhizomes of Alisma orientale have been screened for activity in experimental models of type I-IV allergies.
    In the type III allergic model, TMe-ext at oral doses of 50, 200 mg/kg showed an inhibitory effect on the direct passive Arthus reaction (DPAR) in rats, while TAq-ext did not. Four triterpenes (alisol A, alisol B, alisol A monoacetate and alisol B monoacetate) and two sesquiterpenes (alismol and Alismoxide) isolated from TMe-ext also exhibited this inhibitory effect. In a type I allergic model, TMe-ext inhibited 48-h homologous passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (PCA) in rats. In a type II allergic model, it was found that TMe-ext inhibits reversed cutaneous anaphylaxis (RCA) in rats. Furthermore, in a type IV allergic model, TMe-ext had an inhibitory effect on the induction phase in picryl chloride-induced contact dermatitis (PC-CD) in mice.
    These results indicate that Alismatis Rhizoma not only inhibits antibody-mediated allergic reactions but also influences cell reactions and should be recognized as a material for the treatment of allergic reactions, and the anti-type III allergic components are partially attributable to the terpenes mentioned above.
    1 mg 5 mg 10 mg 20 mg 25 mg
    1 mM 4.1952 mL 20.9758 mL 41.9516 mL 83.9032 mL 104.879 mL
    5 mM 0.839 mL 4.1952 mL 8.3903 mL 16.7806 mL 20.9758 mL
    10 mM 0.4195 mL 2.0976 mL 4.1952 mL 8.3903 mL 10.4879 mL
    50 mM 0.0839 mL 0.4195 mL 0.839 mL 1.6781 mL 2.0976 mL
    100 mM 0.042 mL 0.2098 mL 0.4195 mL 0.839 mL 1.0488 mL
    * Note: If you are in the process of experiment, it's need to make the dilution ratios of the samples. The dilution data of the sheet for your reference. Normally, it's can get a better solubility within lower of Concentrations.
    产品名称 产品编号 CAS编号 分子式 = 分子量 位单 联系QQ
    新原莪述烯醇; Neoprocurcumenol CFN92789 102130-91-6 C15H22O2 = 234.3 5mg QQ客服:2159513211
    窃衣醇酮; Torilolone CFN96368 13018-09-2 C15H24O3 = 252.4 5mg QQ客服:3257982914
    8-O-乙酰窃衣醇酮; 8-O-Acetyltorilolone CFN96792 20482-21-7 C17H26O4 = 294.39 5mg QQ客服:3257982914
    窃衣素; Torilin CFN96316 13018-10-5 C22H32O5 = 376.5 5mg QQ客服:2056216494
    1alpha-羟基窃衣素; 1alpha-Hydroxytorilin CFN96357 887147-75-3 C22H32O6 = 392.5 5mg QQ客服:215959384
    1beta-羟基窃衣素; 1beta-Hydroxytorilin CFN96793 509078-16-4 C22H32O6 = 392.49 5mg QQ客服:215959384
    苏葛三醇 6,9-二乙酸酯; Sugetriol 6,9-diacetate CFN96652 17928-63-1 C19H28O5 = 336.43 5mg QQ客服:2159513211
    莪术醇; Curcumenol CFN92614 19431-84-6 C15H22O2 = 234.3 20mg QQ客服:2159513211
    异莪术醇; Isocurcumenol CFN92618 24063-71-6 C15H22O2 = 234.3 20mg QQ客服:3257982914
    莪术醇; 姜黄醇; Curcumol CFN99187 4871-97-0 C15H24O2 = 236.35 20mg QQ客服:3257982914





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